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Lindon wants you to "Look Up" and keep going

Lindon returns with some conscious rap, releasing a new visual to his latest single "Look Up" from his album Ego vs Soul.

Already, Lindon has released multiple new visuals this year such as "Queen," "The Real Me,"  "HEAT CHECK," and now "Look Up." With an impactful message being the commonality between the four tracks, it's clear that he's here to deliver meaningful substance-filled music.

Through moving and impactful lyrics, Lindon creates high vibrational music that elevates your mind and instantly opens up your heart. Using intricate wordplay and a steady stream of consciousness vocal delivery, "Look Up" takes an optimistic spin and convinces us that there will be better times ahead. Bringing social issues to the forefront of the messaging, Lindon sheds light on the ongoing situation in Flint. His thought-provoking lyrics are lifted by an echoing chorus in the background and perfectly blends these calls for activism with bright triumphant beats in the production.

The accompanying music video offers an appealing visual that matches the bright and hopeful energy of the track. The catchy chorus "Don't you keep your head down, look up," intelligently teaching us to literally and metaphorically look up when we feel down. If you're ever having a bad day, press play on this latest release and you will hopefully find a smile on your face. 

Connect with Lindon: Instagram | Spotify 


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