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Arran Sym and Kevin Sinatra release mystical track "Moving On"

Japanese-based by way of Scotland artist Arran Sym and Virginia artist Kevin Sinatra come together to create a soothing track "Moving On." 

Between Arran Sym and Kevin Sinatra, a multitude of intensely beautiful music has been released this year. Arran Sym has released captivating songs such as "Run With Me," "Kaerimasu," and "Fireworks." Kevin Sinatra has dropped impactful visuals such as "Gone/Flint" addressing the situation in Flint and the need for water, and "Lone Wolf." The collaboration between the two creates a track so pure that it is chilling.
"Moving On" is an absolutely mesmerizing track that gets you hooked from the moment you press play. The spiritual ride that this song takes you on is almost unbelievable, inciting all of your emotions as the music keeps going. Although the songwriting is not extensive, the lyrical content feels like time has stopped, being poetically powerful and perfectly blending in with the sounds. The constant repetition of the words "my love, moving on forever," hypnotizes you with each verse. Both Sym's and Sinatra's soothing voices fill up the room and create a tranquil listening experience. With the quirky yet light beats that drip like water drops, the ethereal undertones of the production create an illusion of an outer-body experience. Press play and feel your soul transcend out of our bodies and reach a higher level.  
Connect with Arran Sym: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify
Connect with Kevin Sinatra: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 
Hip-Hop · Soul


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