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347aidan is gaining momentum with the release of "Dancing In My Room"

347aidan recently released his "Demons and Monsters" track to some hype on his TikTok page, and is now back with a new track that has amassed over 24,000 unique TikTok videos prior to its release. "Dancing In My Room" is easily his best offering to date. 

347aidan, who has utilized TikTok to show how personable he is, is proving that the success of his recent song was no accident. "Dancing In My Room" is undeniably catchy, incorporating a light drum that hits as the chorus begins to give the song energy. The bright melody carries a bit of emotion, as the new artist croons about a girl he wishes he was with. Sonically, it's animated and encourages the listener to get off their feet and dance. His lighthearted vocals combined with the instrumental's steady bounces give "Dancing In My Room" a feeling of excitement, while it's structured in a way that leaves the infectious chorus in the listener's mind. It's his most complete track to date, showing that 347aidan's digital cleverness won't overshadow his artistry. 

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Alternative · Indie · Pop


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