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Happyalone. send out "A Letter To My Mental Health"

Happyalone. continue to show and prove they are here to stay while revealing a deeper layer of their songwriting on the brand new single "A Letter To My Mental Health." 

Despite the current state of play in the world right now with the COVID-19 pandemic, Cork-based alternative group Happyalone. have been extremely active this year. With their 2-piece please "Private Sedative" coming out earlier this year as well as the hugely acclaimed, "I need more than drugs (to get me through the night)". They are looking to continue this fantastic run on this new single and continue to deliver honest introspective commentary during this pandemic depression. 

But this is a much more subdued version of Happyalone. The new track perfectly suits the brooding feeling they are going for. The acoustically driven drums paired with the lead guitar and matched up with the rolling and modulated synth pads in the background create a place for brutal truth and honest self-reflection. The interesting use of underlying robotic sounds on the lead vocal creates a feeling of static on the record adding an additional layer of depth to their sound. 

The song's highlight is found in the lyrics. The melancholic writing of Baxter makes it clear he was in a place of existential dread. The delivery is etched in pain and confusion. It feels like so many thoughts that have been scattered across pages as we fall deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of depression. This is in perfect juxtaposition to the slightly more tonally upbeat sound of the instrumentation. This further lends to the bittersweet feeling of the record. 

This track is further proof that Happyalone. are here to stay. The Real Fear Records stars are one of the most exciting acts coming out of Ireland right now and we really recommend that you get on this bandwagon right now because this ship is going to seal to superstardom very soon. 

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