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Bmob and Kicks Kapri are the "Heartbreak Kids"

Bmob and Kicks Kapri, both artists from Poughkeepsie, New York, collaborate to release an entertaining new music video "Heartbreak Kids." 
Bmob recently released his second album, Super Heartbreaker 2. "Heartbreak Kids" is one of the tracks from this album, making this release his second visual to drop. The interesting home video scene cleverly opens up this video, giving off an authentic feeling and having both artists feel like they're just your next door neighbor. Bmob's smooth voice and untamed delivery instantly gets us all hooked as he brings his A game and flirtatious nature to the suburbs. As Kicks Kapri makes a star entrance, he quickly captivates us as he spits flaming wordplay, bringing his own unique message to the track, strategically incorporating how his youth has affected who he is today through the intense lyrics. All of the catchy and fun writing throughout the track coupled with the neon and retro visuals captures our attention and has our eyes fully peeled to the screen. 
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