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347aidan unleashes "Demons and Monsters"

17-year-old Canadian artist 347aidan has grown a following of over 180,000 on TikTok through personable, often spur-of-the-moment videos that show he's just like every one of them. With a series of creative posts that show his genuine excitement for its release, he has built up the hype for his latest offering, "Demons and Monsters," which is without a doubt his best. The numbers in his name, which he broke down in a recent TikTok, represent "peace," "live," and "forever." His personability and this symbolism are just the beginning of what makes 347aidan one of the most intriguing new artists. 

"Demons and Monsters" is nearly impossible to put in a genre box; it's a mixture of alternative vocals, an almost folk guitar, and the rawness often associated with hip-hop. 347aidan seems focused on bringing emotion to life through his music, and his raspy vocals do just that with ease. On the chorus, he sings "World over ran by the demons and monsters / people in charge are just really the robbers," carrying a relatable, angsty sentiment. 

Connect with 347aidan: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram | TikTok

Alternative · Indie


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