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Sylvie Kreusch's latest single is "Just A Touch Away" [Video]

Blurring the lines between audio and visual art forms, the artistry of Belgian model-turned-songstress Sylvie Kreusch continues to flourish with each striking move that she makes. From modelling for the likes of Ann Demeulemeester and Prada to catching ears and turning heads the world over with her 2019 EP BADA BING! BADA BOOM!, it's clear that she strives for nothing less than excellence.

Her first release since said EP, she returns with the enchanting "Just A Touch Away," which upholds this high quality, as well as being paired with a dutifully ensnaring, lo-fi visual.

Her multi-faceted comprehension and blurred-line approach extend to her music of course, which often runs the gamut of a myriad of genres; from the likes of gloomy indie to noir rock and sad pop to name but a few.

"Just A Touch Away" naturally follows suit, with its unfaltering rhythms setting a hypnotic framework for the beguiling vocals, haunting strings and enveloping textures to build around. The mild dynamic shift of the verse-chorus structure crafts a subtle ebb and flow that gently laps at your ears, slowly pulling you into the undertow of the palpable atmosphere. The visual perpetuates these themes with rapturous finesse, with the hazy and simplistic concepts adding to the mesmeric quality of the music.

"Just A Touch Away" is available now via Seedy Tricks.

Connect with Sylvie Kreusch: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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