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Meet Me In Orbit drops animated electro track “Waste Your Time”

Roommates Jared Brannan and Brandon Bews are the dynamic duo behind Meet Me In Orbit. These up-and-comers crafting a stimulating signature electro pop sound know how to get you on your feet with their danceable tunes. Their new single “Waste Your Time” features vibrant, pulsating beats and high-spirited vocals gripping listeners with each elevated note. The track’s deep warmth and lyrical sincerity make it easy to get sucked into the song’s smooth, atmospheric vibes. “Waste Your Time” details sensing boredom from your partner as you start to question whether you are just wasting their time.

The energetic twosome was founded in 2014 when they began releasing their self-produced music. Now the Bay Area synth-driven sensation has received immense praise for their electrifying offerings. Playing notable festivals like Bottom of the Hill venue in San Francisco and Live 105’s BFD at Shoreline Amphitheatre, they have amassed much success. The group has played alongside prominent acts such as Banners and Great Good Fine Okay. Check out their thrilling new track “Waste Your Time” and groove along to the effervescent, up-tempo rhythms.

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