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Nuit Oceān's expresses his art form in "Fire Divine"

Bordeaux, France's Nuit Oceān is the nourishment you need on your Friday morning. With his wits around sonic production similar to the styles of James Blake and vocals reminiscent of retired Chet Faker, Nuit Oceān fits right in with the creative fusion of his contemporaries.  Today he releases “Fire Divine,” the title single off of his latest EP. 

Downtempo melodies and piano chords meet sweeping vocals of beauty, depth, and emotion, brought on by his denial to be pigeonholed into a particular genre. The single is accompanied by a new music video, which is all apart of his multi-artistic approach through sound, visuals, and photography. One that you can see through the dark, glitchy video that stems from a  global vision for his art, in which he expresses his deep fragility with a wild, untamed sweetness. As a producer, Nuit composes by watching series and movies, then freezing frames and replaying certain scenes in a loop. In doing so, he captures the emotion that emanates from them and recreates it while transposing it into his own musical language. 

"Fire Divine” is his remedy to the feeling of running on empty, over email Nuit shares, “I always have this "mantra" in my head during the creating and recording process: "When there is nothing left. When you no longer have the strength to move forward. There he is, in each of us... The FIRE DIVINE guides us to a better version of ourselves, towards a brighter future. Let it flow.”

>Nuit Oceān, the sobriquet of Steve Mesmin, released Fire Divine today and you can purchase the full EP here. 

Connect with Nuit Oceān: Facebook | Spotify | Twitter

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