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MC Bravado keeps his cool during the "Diss Coarse (Joe Rogan)" [Video]

MC Bravado follows up his string of releases including the tribute "Like Kobe" track with a new video for his second single "Diss Coarse (Joe Rogan)."  Taken from his latest LP The Living Game, the solemn track is produced courtesy by Militant Marxman, and Brandon Lackey, explores the domino-effect of having a difference of opinions. The piano-driven track is as melancholic as a gloomy night with its soft dark keys and a special violin performance provided by Alisha O'Malley that touches the soul. The title is a reference to the way podcaster/martial-artist Joe Rogan dissects some of the polarizing topics ranging from racism, politics, and cultural shifts in the U.S. 

MC Bravado shares his own views and acknowledges that, regardless of opinion, everyone will always see things differently and there is absolutely nothing one can do about it. From another perspective, he uses the track as an outlet to let off some steam as he digs deep into his own personal issues. The visuals are shot by Mike Jon who makes use of MC Bravado's calm and collected nature in the proverbial lyrical storm. Surrounded on all sides by raging parties shouting over each other, the rapper keeps his cool, minds his business, and reflects on life sans the drama.

Get The Living Game on all DSPs here.

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