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Rebecca Perl deals with a breakup in stunning "blame you" [Video]

New York born, Los Angeles based artist Rebecca Perl has a bit of an unconventional process when it comes to writing songs. Sitting in LA traffic, she brainstorms catchy hooks and dreams up unique melodies. Her car is a place of inspiration and calm. So in her latest visuals for "Blame You" it is only fitting she is driving in her car with the top down to clear her head. This emotive single showcases tender vocals gliding atop dreamy, delicate sounds and the offering wraps you up with its warm, comforting feel. The track is a moving narration of the anguish of lost love and the mechanisms we use to cope. Perl confides, “When you go through heartbreak, it's easier to blame the other person than yourself. Nobody wants to take blame for a failed relationship. Sometimes it's nobody's fault, and that alone can keep you up at night. At the time, blaming him was the only way I found peace with the situation and it helped me move on.”

The accompanying video pairs perfectly with the song’s effortless ease. Driving with her hair blowing in the wind and stopping to gaze at the ocean is exactly the kind of escape she needs.

Perl crafts passionate music that merges both captivating folk and infectious pop. The prolific singer-songwriter picked up a guitar at an early age. Discovering a deep adoration for music, it became her outlet for expressing all of her most vulnerable feelings. Focusing on the many kinds of love that exist, her releases not only detail her relationship experiences but self-acceptance as well. Watch the laid-back, serene visuals now.

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