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merci, mercy unveils debut EP "no thank you, no thanks"

EARMILK has been keeping up with alt-pop artist, merci, mercy, as she released her single “Fall Apart” and again with “Something You Like”. Today, finally, she’s releasing her debut EP no thank you, no thanks.

She starts out with her most recent single, “Tequila & Lemonade”.  The track’s first line falls on a high note with merci “dancing to celebrate.” It has subtle, dark undertones with her looking at the bittersweet idea of escapism and self-confidence. Though, musically the song is sweet like lemonade, her lyrics have a kick and biting feeling behind them like alcohol. This technique doesn’t just apply to this song, but for all her music. There is a flow and carefree mentality in the springy production, put together with her mellow vocals.

The next track feels something entirely different. Feeling that bravery and euphoria in the first track, “Fucked Myself Up” express the thoughts during a hangover. Reflective and regretful, merci, mercy acknowledges the mishaps of alcohol dependency. She shows that in the production, too. The more cutthroat beats and glitchy guitars help create that hazy feeling. The pain and trying effort to fix herself radiates when she drags out, “What is it you want from me? / This shit don’t come so easily.”

Then, merci, mercy expresses how her low self-esteem affects her romantic relationships. The intentional falls in her pitch during the pre-chorus of “Fall Apart” help convey her hopeless outlook towards love. Afterwards, she slows down from the pop anthems in “Something You Like.” Starting out with a solemn fingerpicking of the guitar, the track carries a beautiful somberness with the ukulele and twinkling keys.

“Wonder What It Feels Like” is a different take on a regular love song. merci muses over someone having a crush on her for a change.  The finger snaps at the beginning effortlessly blend into the ripples of a muffled synth, raising listeners’ heartrates. “The Very Very End” tells the tale of the end of a friendship. However, merci doesn’t blame herself or wallow in sadness for a minute. Instead, she’s aware that she needs to get this friend’s toxic traits out of her life. As the chorus repeats, the outro begins with cheery organ synths, closing out with a triumphant mindset.

It’s within this track that she also name drops the EP’s title, making it the perfect note and tone for her to end on. Merci, mercy says, “Writing this EP I really wanted to go back to 18-year-old me, at a time where I was feeling really lost and lonely. All the songs were inspired by that time, about my relationship with my mental health, myself and with other people. ’no thank you, no thanks’ to all the feelings I was having, I do not want those.”

For someone so young, merci, mercy proves she has dealt with her fair share of hardships and has grown past them. The no thank you, no thanks EP clearly demonstrates her strengths as an artist and just a person, in general. Like she says, hopefully her music can reach out to someone and give them the push to grow like she did.

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