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Xelli Island admits she’s got it “Bad For You” in quirky new release [Video]

Detroit born, Los Angeles based dream-pop artist Xelli Island releases her latest single “Bad For You,” unashamedly declaring her love, with no signs of holding back. The accompanying visuals perfectly capture the songwriter’s whimsical, abstract vibe, featuring her dancing in the desert, surrounded by wildlife. Xelli Island, aka Lianna Vanicelli expresses her emotions through both her music and movements, announcing her love with no limits.

Through subtle instrumentation, an upbeat rhythm section and Vanicelli’s otherworldly vocals, she creates a distinct song, staying true to her free-flowing, celestial sound. Sharing how her music is inspired by life experiences, Vanicelli explains, “I love melding really human experiences with dreamlike sounds that make you live in those moments for a few minutes.“ The half-Filipinan artist has clearly achieved this goal in “Bad For You,” with the track transporting you to a place where you can lose yourself, even if it’s just for those three minutes and 55 seconds.

“Bad For You” is off of the upcoming EP Meet Me at the Waterfall, due later this year.

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