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Cassidy bleeds with heart-wrenching honesty in new single “The Devil”

Indie pop artist Cassidy carefully crafts strikingly poignant songs bursting with vulnerability. Her latest single “The Devil” possesses that same raw, expressive flair. Showcasing minimalistic arrangements allowing her captivating vocal tone to be the star, the impassioned track pulls the listener in and never lets go. The offering narrates lost love and the dark emotional emptiness that can follow. She hauntingly sings in the chorus, “Who knew the devil was pretty like you, leaving burns on my skin and I had a warning I shouldn’t have let you in. “ You can feel her immense hurt left from the aftermath of heartbreaking betrayal. Sitting down at the piano with a bottle of wine, she tenderly constructed this touching tale.

Cassidy was born and raised in Calgary, Canada but is currently based in Berlin. The stunning singer-songwriter creates candid and catchy releases focusing on deep heartache and profound life crises. With alluring melodies and deeply soulful vocals, her music exudes an innovative yet familiar sound. “The Devil” comes on the heels of her debut singles "Sex and Wine" and "Lying". Take a listen to the mesmerizing and moody single “The Devil” and feel the intense sincerity as she bares the scars of her pain.

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