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Tomás Tomás throws a synth-filled party with his 'The Car Drives Itself' EP

New York’s Tomás Tomás sounds like he comes from another time and place. Influenced by bands like Depeche Mode and Tears for Fear, Tomás Tomás fits right in that pocket of '80s new wave and synth-pop. Bringing in more elements of disco and house, his tunes blur the line between being left out and being the life of the party. It basically aligns with his transition from producing behind the scenes to then breaking out as a solo artist. Tomás Tomás has been championed by TIDAL and Spotify for his early singles. Now the singer-songwriter and producer has returned to debut his The Car Drives Itself EP.

The EP’s opening track “Elizabeth” was first shared a couple of months ago. The dreamy, pulsating synth-pop offers an addicting sugary indulgence. It sounds like something straight out of an '80s movie. Set at a casual pace, “Elizabeth” is one of those in-between grooves that are ideal for both laid-back cruising and full-on dancing. With its anthemic chorus and melodies, it’s a track that encourages singing along.

Tomás Tomás takes the mood down with “Autumn, I Fall.” This chilled, heartfelt number pulls you in with its arpeggiated synth chords and licks of an electric guitar. As you float along with the sticky sweet vocals, it’s impossible to not get caught in the feelings. The EP’s next track, “Cocoa” will certainly shake you of any woes. Its carefree and upbeat spirit calls for dayglo neon and disco balls. “Cocoa” has a laid back, funky vibe that forces the listener to join in and dance.

Keeping the party going, the EPs second single and title track “The Car Drives Itself” is an easy favorite. Its too cool attitude, groovy bass line, and filtered layers come together for the perfect nighttime cruising tune. The ultimate treat and the thing that sets “The Car Drives Itself” apart from the rest of the EP is the rap breakdown from James Semaj. It is completely unexpected but also takes everything to the next level.

As the EP comes to a close with “Velvia,” it’s obvious that Tomás Tomás should not be overlooked when it comes to modern-age synth-pop. “Velvia” is reminiscent of early Cut Copy with its punchy beats and layers of synths. The track brings the party to a rightful close, but it certainly leaves us wondering when the next one’s going down. The Car Drives Itself EP is out now, available to stream or download, and be sure to follow Tomás Tomás to catch his next synth party.

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