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Dan Miraldi channels quarantine vibes with "More Mood Music"

Dan Miraldi’s new EP More Mood Music just dropped, and it contains his greatest work to date. The New Yorker has a history of switching up genres, but with this piece, he has honed in on a solid folk-pop sound, and it has a clear positive impact on his music. No more waiting, let’s dive right into the contents of More Mood Music––and what exactly makes it a fantastic listen.

The EP opens with “Alexandra Apocalypse,” a quarantine inspired tune that narrates America’s current social atmosphere. The pandemic has played a significant role in shaping Miraldi’s recent releases, as his sound has become more stripped down and has shifted into a majority folk arena. Acoustic layers and minimalist drums are laid beyond a strong melodic performance with synth generated strings filling out the background. “Alexandra Apocalypse" lays the groundwork for the rest of the EP, with songs like "Buzzin’" and "Green Eyes" following the same instrumentation and delivering the same result––folk bliss.

The EP is also populated by songs like the meta titled “Reflective Folk Song,” and “Tequila Meets Gin” which add a silky layer of introspection and ambiance to the mix. The inclusion of gorgeous vocal harmonies and the absence of clear lead lines allow the listener to really drift into these songs. It feels as if Miraldi traps you in his state of consciousness. That’s the power behind this EP. Miraldi wrote it in such a way that nothing takes up too much space, which gives room for the music. Nothing slaps you in the face except aspects of the bluesy groove “Love & Whiskey.” The bass comprises of mostly whole notes, and the drums are never too aggressive––allowing the listener to just float within the scenes. 

Miraldi doesn’t rely on intricate parts or complicated riffs to capture the listener’s attention, all it takes are his masterfully-arranged song structures and smart chord changes. His talents as a lyricist shine especially on tracks such as “Tequila Meets Gin” and “I Tried,” the latter of which is the most radio-friendly piece, as it is reminiscent of contemporary indie-folk icons like Caamp. That track also demonstrates a clearly arranged finale to the song, giving the EP almost more of an album feel. Overall, More Mood Music is Miraldi’s best work so far on account of its cohesiveness and ability to utilize minimalism effectively.

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