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alexdrake. teams up with AJ Perdomo on "Peace of Mind"

New Jersey native alexdrake. teams up with friend and long-time inspiration AJ Perdomo on the new track "Peace of Mind". Drawing on pop punk traits, the single is a lavish exploration in to the genre.

Getting lost in nostalgia feels like pure heaven right now. Thinking about how we used to be and what we used to feel like back in the day can draw upon so many lost memories. And that's exactly what this single does for me. Blending early 2000s pop punk with rockier sounds,  "Peace of Mind" offers a friendly face. With its simmering guitar lines and drum beats create a warmth that makes everything feel ay-okay. 

"The song really embarks on the turmoil we deal with everyday occurrences. Dealing with your boss, dealing with current societal stressors, dealing with any kind of aversion to what you love and what you want to do but still having ‘Peace of Mind’ to do you and follow your dreams, passions, and internal monologue regardless of what is being spewed at you," explains Alex. "There is some kind of political background within it as well, meaning the hardships and terrible things we are seeing happening today are absolute atrocities to humanity and at the end of the day, we as individuals need to be able to combat what must be combatted while still loving ourselves and self-preserving when/where we can.”

If music can act as escapism then this is the best song to use. It's clean-cut and effortlessly produced to create a track that is not only infectious, but it's a form of self-care. 

"Peace Of Mind" is the second single, taken from his forthcoming debut EP.

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