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Talkboy touch on the inner workings of "Stupid Luck" in their new single

Talkboy are an alternative rock band out of the UK, and recently its members, Katie, Calum, Tim, Tom and Jake gave fans a taste of what is to come off the sextet's sophomore EP, with a follow-up song from their also recently released debut EP, titled "Stupid Luck".

Following on from the release of "Over & Over" earlier in 2020, Talkboy have continued to showcase an increasingly mature approach to their songwriting, as the group have gone for a nostalgia-tinged offering of authentic and acoustic aesthetics of stringy guitars, kick drums and dominant lead vocals from Katie throughout.

Although, Talkboy's new single is not all about the finely tuned, acoustic instrumentals, in fact, deep down, this song is about audibly focusing on the meaning of luck, and the notion of 'how lucky you are' per se, in the way excuses take control one one's life and people are not held accountable for their own doings in life. 

This single was self-produced and mixed by Lee Smith (The Cribs, Pulled Apart By Horses) and the single is now out via Come Play With Me/LAB Records. Talkboy are now ramping up preparations for 2021 with a second EP and multiple live dates already in the works as they look to kick off their new phase in style.

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