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Georgia Webster releases debut single "Tell Your Mom"

Country pop singer Georgia Webster is beginning what is sure to be a long, successful career. A video of her first song, "Tell Your Mom," went viral on TikTok weeks ago and fans began to demand that it be dropped. Today, it's finally out. 

Since her first video went viral, Georgia has put out a handful of TikTok videos that prove her viral moment was no accident. Her debut single, "Tell Your Mom," is one of the most polished debut singles from a young artist in recent memory. The songwriting is that of a veteran, with the phrase "tell your mom to stop calling me" being built up to an irresistible moment. Her shimmering vocals melt the line between pop and country, while the song will effectively and inevitably bring up specific memories for many listeners. The early Taylor Swift comparisons have been drawn, but Georgia is her own artist, with her own storytelling abilities. 

Connect with Georgia Webster: Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube | Instagram | TikTok 



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