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STACEY channels the retro on single "One Woman"

Torontonian singer-songwriter STACEY drops her new single “One Woman” today. It's an all too relative thought stream of realizing she’s just that. One woman who wants to change the world, but that fact alone is undeniably daunting. Off her upcoming debut album Saturn Return, the single's sound fits snuggly into the retro-chic style of the crooning songstress.

STACEY is steadily gaining momentum through songs that utilize a variety of instrumentals: the sultry, synth-filled slow drumming rhythm of “First Move” to the piano-laden beauty “Calling Me.” They all make way for this sighing 1970s-reminiscent track. An electric guitar bathes us with that sound of decades past. When she sings about laying in bed at night unable to shut off her mind because of what’s going on around her - we all felt that. This melancholy feeling matches that sadly waning guitar which chases back her voice and carries her into each phrase. The evocative sound isn’t a surprise. It’s so on brand for STACEY. One quick scroll through her instagram emits major flower-child vibes with her long dark hair, technicolour dresses, and painted floral faces. She shows 100% devotion to mimicking the traits of her music.

Saturn Return arrives early next year, and we’re anxiously waiting to see how she continues to combine her own perspective with the beloved instrumental sounds and styles of the past.

Connect with STACEY: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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