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Cristóvam finds solace in the “Setting Sun”

Hailing from the Azores islands off the coast of Portugal, Cristóvam soaks up the beauty of his breathtaking hometown and uses it as inspiration for his latest single “Setting Sun.” Big, sweeping soundscapes, shimmering instrumentation and warm, soulful vocals combine to create an inspiring and heartwarming track. Cristóvam has found the perfect measure of singer/songwriter and indie/folk, mixing the two together to craft something that has both allure and authenticity, while keeping it upbeat and lighthearted.

You can really hear the Portugese influence behind “Setting Sun,” losing yourself amid the vastness of his all-encompassing sound. If you close your eyes you can picture yourself by the water, with the warmth of the sun on your skin. The narrative behind the track is just as beautiful as it’s melody, with Cristóvam singing about the power of love and it’s ability to make all your worries disappear. The musician shares, “I started writing it in 2018, when I was on a holiday with my girlfriend in Sardinia, and sort of left it there. But this year, with all that's happening and the world being such a strange place, somehow those lyrics resonated back with me, and the fact that I felt so lucky to find comfort in my own little corner, far out in the middle of the Atlantic.”

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