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millennium parade drop imaginative "Philip" video

Japanese art collective millennial parade have just released a trippy genre crossover jam "Philip" with a gorgeous neo-noir video carrying a cataclysmic narrative. This latest effort comes after a slew of singles and videos from 2019 and 2020, each more inventive than the last. The group consists of musicians, artists, filmmakers, designers, and producers, all spearheaded by Daiki Tsuneta. Because of this, the cerebral track and striking video carry equal importance, neither supplementing the other but rather essential partners. The result renders a captivating musical vignette that functions more as a short film than a music video.

It's truly difficult to decide which is the most compelling part of  "Philip" between the music itself, the immersive visual, or the connecting story. Sonically, the track is a funky, indie groove reminiscent of a trippy Gorillaz cut, with distorted vocals and steady raps to keep the firm pace. The instrumental is twisted and vibrant, the true soundtrack to an evil scheme. The genre is hard to pin down here, and the feel can best be described by the emotions evoked in the video. The visual world building from millennium parade is truly a sight to see, as the video shows animated dogs in a detective crime drama. The story is best not spoiled, but it involves murder, betrayal, a pregnant wife, and lots of animated dog blood. There's no music video out that has this much incredible personality and attention to detail. There is no way to watch just once.

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