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Ed Prosek shares his new intimate single "Now And Then"

Berlin-based singer-songwriter Ed Prosek has a lustrous way with words. Looping folk intimacies with relatable lyrics, Prosek is capable of making everything sound oh so lovely. This time, he shares his glorious new single "Now and Then" which is yet another tune wrapped within his exquisite artistry. 

Swaddled in tender guitar strings and featuring hushed harmonies, the single showcases Prosek at his very best. Exhibiting powerful rises and falls, "Now And Then" melodiously takes us on a journey into the heart of an artist who's livelihood rests on his inimatable folk prowess. Delicately brooding, the single draws on folk-infused melodies to produce effortlessly romantic sonics. 

“Now and Then is about man’s everlasting struggle against time," explains Prosek. "Life is a long road and the decisions we make early on sometimes have insurmountable consequences for better or worse. When we look back on life, regardless of the current crossroads, there is often a deep nostalgia for opportunities lost to decisions made long ago. The weight of this nostalgia clings to us, weighing us down like a ball and chain and only the forgiveness and acceptance of the past unburdens us.”

Ed Prosek continues to share his pristine musical path that makes us fall in love just a little bit more each time. "Now and Then" is pure perfection.

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