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Brasko sets "The Standard For Kids In The USA"

Brasko's career has been defined by over-the-top performances and glittery songs that feel like a combination of your wildest night out and your deepest, darkest thoughts. His new song, "The Standard For Kids In The USA," is the culmination of a quarantine downward spiral with unadulterated honesty and insane melodies that stick with you.

In "The Standard For Kids In The USA", it feels like Brasko is losing his mind a little, chaotic energy but in the best way. With the haunting intro of helicopter sounds opening the song,  a bursting vocal arrangement and rollicking guitars intro brings us into a wild ride.

Brasko growls and moans over rhythmic panting; the song starts confident and builds into a burst of anxiety. The tone shifts into an inner-monologue. He sings, "I feel ugly, I feel awkward, I feel stupid as fuck, I've been drinking, I've been thinking I should grow the fuck up, but I don't care 'cause I'm still here." This stream of consciousness brings him to his conclusion: this is the standard for kids in the USA. 

Brasko tells us in an email, "My roommate said the phrase 'seems like the standard' to lighten the mood after someone was venting about something pretty heavy." The number of tempo changes in the song seems to reflect every facet of perspective you can imagine. From the beginning of the song, he's confident, and he shifts to vulnerability, and back and forth until he realizes that this is it, this is how we're all feeling.

It’s a rollercoaster of emotions constantly brought on by the violence, the constant flow of social media, technology addiction, and the need to be your true self but struggling the entire way to find your place. We're all lonely, but we're all kind of in the same headspace. It ties us all together. The vulnerability that shows through is the centerpiece. He emphasizes, "I think this is the first one where I can truthfully say I'm opening up my chest and being 100% honest."

Brasko broke onto the Nashville scene with his campy, glam pop. After his move to LA, his sound found the perfect home. His debut concept-album SEXDREAMSUPERSTAR took listeners into an elaborate imaginary voyeuristic world. He's known for his theatrical live performances, in-your-face lyrics, and intricate themes. "The Standard For Kids In The USA" is the third single from his sophomore rock album.

Photo: Natasha Ribeiro-Austrich and styled by Erin Kobrin

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