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The Slice, Episode 66 [Hip-Hop + R&B]

This week's episode of The Slice kicks off with Toronto-based soul band Charlotte Fabro and a cheerful piece of art in the form of their latest single "Let Me Be That One for You." Made up of singer Charlotte Fabro, instrumentalists Chino Chan, and Rob Christian, the soft guitar-driven jazz ballad showcases Fabro's agile vocal style that ebb and flows with the dynamics of the beat.

Vocalist and rapper Lucy Love's "Tame Impala" is a masterful fusion of pop/grime and experimental pop elements. The multi-layered track features dark synths, a heroic vocal performance, and offbeat lyrics about a tame impala trying to kill her as she sleeps. This is the second single from her forthcoming HAMMERHEAD project.

Getting right into some complex production this week, we also have singer-songwriter ulovefoster who shares a glimpse of his past on the dark R&B cut titled "Old Ways." Tropic teams up with instrumentalist RJ Pineda for a sultry pop number "Paradise." Mark Ferg goes for a delicate topic on "War," where he reflects on the spate of police brutality and life since the COVID-19 hit. Inspired by the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of the police, Ferg decided to craft a tribute song to every man and woman who is going through the struggle.

UK singer Hope Tala's first single under Republic Records, "All My Girls Like To Fight" is a piano-driven ballad that blends neo-soul and retroelements.  Okvsho and Matondo team up for the alternative soul collaboration titled "Thé froid." Bolstered by Matondo's shimmering vocals and the silky texture, "Thé froid" packs a punch with its dynamism and insightful lyrics taken from Okvsho's new LP Kamala's Danz. Kaidy Superville's "Unconditional Love" is an upbeat 2-step, R&B cut that is hearty, fun, and a bit nostalgic. It's a solid cut that beautifully switches up the mood on this week'ss playlist.

SUVI teams up with PARIMAL SHAIS's "Dopamine" and keep the high energy going with their mix of South Indian rhythm and hard-hitting hip-hop drums. The LA-based act doesn't shy away from her roots and easily merges it with a fiery performance.

We close this episode of The Slice with two slapping hip-hop cuts, the first is from the late great Sean Price and producer Small Professor titled "Latoya Jackson" (Back to the Old School Remix). The track is built on a classic drum break and also features Masta Ace who delivers a vivid tale of dangerous love. Emerging emcee Big Haz and the legendary west-coast rapper/producer Daz Dillinger close out the list with "We Live Hip Hop." The Big Haz produced cut sees both artists paying tribute to the culture and rappers, both dead and alive that came before them.

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For a full tracklist of this week's featured artists:

Charlotte Fabro - "Let Me Be That One for You"
Lucy Love - "Tame Impala"
ulovefoster - "Old Ways"
Tropic - "Paradise" (feat. RJ Pineda)
Mark Ferg - "War"
Hope Tala - "All My Girls Like To Fight"
Okvsho - "Thé froid" (feat. Matondo)
Kaidy Superville - "Unconditional Love"
Sean Price & Small Professor - "Latoya Jackson" (Back to the Old School Remix) f/ Masta Ace.
Big Haz - "We Live Hip Hop" (feat. Daz Dillinger).

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