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Satin Jackets and Panama bring synth disco "Back To Me"

Satin Jackets and Panama have joined forces again for a new silky sleek collaboration called “Back To Me.” This isn’t the first time these two producers and songwriters have worked together. Their previous rendezvous resulted in a standalone single and a Satin Jackets album track that both saw release last year. Over the years, each artist has independently earned their stake in the world of synth pop and nu-disco, but “Back To Me” certainly adds to the reasons why this proves to be a fruitful pairing.

Both Satin Jackets and Panama have lush, laid-back styles that seamlessly come together to create tracks full of warmth and relaxation. They create the ultimate chill house vibe, filling “Back To Me” with scintillating layers of synths, smooth production, pillowed beats, and Panama’s textured vocal performance. Its seemingly effortless flow and energy is exactly the right kind of soothing, dreamy landscape needed to escape.

"After the last two singles I couldn't wait to hear what Tim would send me next," explains Panama to label Eskimo Recordings. "When I first heard what would become 'Back To Me' I really got this feeling of returning to something important and wanted to write a song about finding yourself."

The feelings and spirit that Satin Jackets and Panama share in "Back To Me" are contagious when listening. Its breezy nature brings with it a breath of fresh air and comfort. Look for “Back To Me” out now for streaming and download via Eskimo Recordings. Hopefully this won’t be the last collaboration we get from these two.

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Dance · Indie Dance · Nu-disco · Synth Pop


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