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Rowlan new visual "Ima Call U" lures us all in [Video]

Rowlan is back with a bold new visual "Ima Call U"—a new release giving off resilient hip-hop vibes through both the lyrics and the classic production. 

Rowlan has been on a roll all 2020, dropping killer singles such as "Swoosh," "Interstellar," and "Closure." His latest track "Ima Call U" gives us all something out of the ordinary. Entering the track with a kind of toughness both in delivery and tone, Rowlan shows that we can make it through any adversity. Rowlan's flow and the sternness in his voice help create a commanding performance and allow each word to carry a certain power. His more aggressive than usual tone lends to the dangerous and fiery atmosphere that sits on top of the lighter beats that echo in the background. The catchy chorus flawlessly blends the intense wordplay with various dog sounds to have us hooked from start to finish.
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