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Sølv unveils the ethereal R&B cut "Colour / Somehow"

What it means to be an independent has changed and it's artists like dark-pop songstress Sølv that have fully embraced and prospered in this truly DIY approach. From the headquarters of her London-based apartment, she taught herself the skills to write and produce her own music. Further, she learned how to conceptualize and execute the visual artwork and manage her own career, which has taken great strides forward in a few short years. On her fourth single release of the year, "Colour / Somehow" is a landscape of her darkly mesmeric world and broadens her sound and artistry further than before.

Sølv's silky and ethereal tones soar high above a lucid self-production, steered by a brooding 808. The introduction takes its time in articulating the sultrily gloomy atmosphere that's quickly becoming her trademark, and just as it's about to fully consume you, a tastefully placed cocking of gun ushers in a rapturous change of pace. The track then unfurls into a polychromatic cohesion of soft synths, icy vocal melodies, and a blissful bass that slowly pull you into the undertow of the bewitching aesthetics.

Outlining the lyrics in an email statement, she shares, "Colour / Somehow delves into the tangibility of living in the present when you constantly crave more. Never satisfied and not feeling quite good enough - a true product of the Gen-Z mentality and the consumption of all we are conditioned to desire. It explores the ability to question the outcome of such feelings but does this make living easier or harder?"

"Colour / Somehow" is out everywhere Friday, October 2nd via her own label, Solvent Records.

Connect with Sølv: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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