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Equanimous and Ahee join forces on "Air Bender" [Exclusive]

With dance floors and venues across the world closed until further notice, the soul of electronic dance music has taken a fair hit. However, its heart continues to ceaselessly beat, and California based artists Equanimous and Ahee have joined forces to remind us of the adrenaline pumping euphoria that this genre can offer.

With a sound self-described as "Blissful Bass Music," Equanimous' tireless work ethic has led to a sizeable body of work in a few short years and has seen him consistently experiment with the many shades that his broad musical palette has to offer. His ever-evolving musical journey continues with his most ambitious project to date, his debut album entitled Merging Elements, which sees the prolific producer collaborate with eleven artists over nine tracks.

Equanimous has given us an exclusive taste of what's in store from the genre-bending foray that this album's title eponymously alludes to. With Eqanimous' sound typically occupying the more "chill" side of the dance music spectrum, "Air Bender" synergistically harmonises in the space between his and Ahee's more hard-hitting approach.

A bright, yet mildly foreboding piano riff introduces the track, as subtle textures and rhythms skate around the slowly unfurling soundscape. Stomping drums and an otherworldly vocal melody add to the increasing tension as the energy pensively dissipates, only to swiftly build back up to an expectation-defying drop.

Led by a biting bass staccato, and balanced by a smoothly distorted synth melody and chopped vocals, it's hard to not get instantly swept up in the kaleidoscopic rhythms.

Merging Elements is available October 2nd via Gravitas Recordings.

Connect with Equanimous: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Connect with Ahee: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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