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Prolific producer Sqwd connects with CARLIE for "The Off Chance You Love Me"

In the wake of any genre-defining artists, there is always a healthy amount of inspiration to be taken from the compelling aesthetics and new avenues explored. This, in turn, forges two paths, artists that look to take advantage of the à la mode curve, and those that genuinely move the sound forward. In the case of Louisiana-based producer and artist Sqwd, he dutifully falls into the latter category, who takes clear influence from modern icon Flume, whilst maintaining his own distinct creative flair.

Fully leaning in the popper shades of his broad palette, Sqwd connects with Brighton-based vocalist CARLIE for "The Off Chance You Love Me"- a new single full of stratospheric energy and effortless harmonies.


A dark and calculated production introduces the track, softly simmering up to a boil while her icy vocal soars high above. The freneticism dies away with a masterfully executed split second of silence before switching up a few gears into an arpeggio-led future-trap banger, that truly revels in its mind-boggling sound design.

Still in his early twenties, Sqwd's tireless work ethic has led to a jaw-dropping four albums over the past year, leading to him becoming a prolific and cult figure within this new and rising community, which has adopted the moniker of "Vapor Twitch."

"The Off Chance You Love Me" is out now on all major streaming platforms via TXTR Records.

Connect with Sqwd: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Connect with CARLIE: Twitter

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