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Egzod returns to "Ride the Wave"

There's simply no stopping Egzod. Amidst the uncertainty of 2020, the Miami-based bass music producer's tireless work ethic has led one irreverent and explosive track after another. On his seventh single of 2020, "Ride the Wave", he deviates from the darker shades of his palette towards a more hopeful and summery energy, while maintaining his cinematic and otherworldly aesthetic that's become his trademark.

On "Ride the Wave" the worlds of bass, trap, world music and stadium-sized pop perfectly intertwine, all woven together with his flair for highly polished productions. Centred around a simple, yet wildly effective kalimba melody and thoroughly uplifting topline, this sugary track exudes an unrelenting positivity whilst completely sidestepping any eye-rolling cliché. 

Explaining the track in an email statement, he elucidates, “I wanted to make a feel-good song for quite some time and “Ride The Wave” just came at the right time. I had the UEFA Euro 2020 in mind while making it but unfortunately, it got postponed for next year. Nonetheless, summer is here and I wanted to bring some positive energy and warmth with this song especially after everything we’ve been through this year."

"Ride the Wave" is out now via Lowly.

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