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Rising R&B singer Samica releases first EP, 'Call Me'

Samica is making some of the best new R&B music out, and just released her first project in the form of an EP titled Call Me. With only one new song, the EP is made up of a total of six tracks that flow into on another seamlessly. 

It begins with "Alright," and for good reason. The opening track's first 15 seconds are some of the most intriguing from any new artist. Her passionate, crisp vocals immediately take over the smooth R&B instrumental, and never let up. On this track and others, it's easy to bring up comparisons to artists like H.E.R. and an earlier Ella Mai. 

Another highlight from Call Me is the lone new track, titled "Payday." It's a more entrancing, alternative-leaning song that shows Samica's full artistic potential. Her high-pitched vocals have a few short, hypnotizing runs that prove Samica is here to stay. 

More than anything, Call Me is a collection of six effortlessly beautiful songs that immediately set Samica as someone who could soon become a force in the R&B space. 

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