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Feeling over it? "Sabotage" the day with Jawny's snarling new single

Interscope Records' darling producer Jawny releases a snarling new pop track called "Sabotage."

Since his surprise breakout hit "Honeypie", Jawny has trickled out one-off singles "4tounce" and "Anything You Want". We've covered each track so far, with intrigue for an artist who wears his heart on his sleeve. On a recent Instagram post, the artist admitted his own dislike for one of these singles. The post reads: "Anything you want was me trying to force a song that I thought my fans were expecting."

In saying this, "Sabotage" follows a heavier step. Jawny says, “I was feeling really defeated in the room that day, and I feel like the song kinda embodies that”. Lyrically, the song reflects in earnest a bad breakup. Speculatively, the single coincides with the breakup of his relationship with rapper Doja Cat. But understandably the artist makes no direct mention of this. Instead, the multi-instrumentalist says "Sabotage" is the first single off a "debut project", and promises to release this project later in the year through Interscope Records. Jawny says, “‘Sabotage’ is probably my most honest song on the entire project.”

While honest with his words, Jawny's latest track feels burdened. "Sabotage" rolls with kitschy synths and country twangs, yet the song's beat throbs half-heartedly and the chorus repeats slavishly. As a result, it feels like a different song for the sake of being a different song. Sure, “Anything You Want” was a carbon copy of Jawny's previous hit song, but is that really a bad thing?

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