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Pritt opens up on her 'Transparency' EP

South London's Pritt is an exceptional and important new voice in the contemporary R&B ecosphere. Her self proclaimed "Eastern meets Western R&B" has been catching ears and turning the world over, harmonising between her Carnatic training and upbringing with strict Tamil parents, amongst the rich culture of London. On her new EP, Transparency, she confronts the insecurities of her past, and the result is a sublimely vulnerable, and poignant return for this wildly inspired artist.

Opening salvo "Top Boy" performs as an overture for the EP from the getgo, with transformative Carnatic melodies cutting straight into fluid, confident R&B that focusses on the vividly relatable storytelling. "Amma's Advice" touchingly connects you to "Am I Ok?", which maintains the narrative of self-reflection with a conscious fortitude, perfectly delivered by Pritt's natural ear for stunning vocal melodies. "Love Ting" muses on the conflictions of modern romance, while follow up, "Identity," is a firm and empowering declaration of self, inspired the bitter taste of changing yourself purely to please others. "Growing Pains" brings the EP to a pensive close, with "Appa's Blessing" closing the stellar chapter in Pritt's discography.

Transparency is out now via 0416 Recordings.

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