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Mont Duamel looks to "Find Myself" on debut single

Accurately self-described as an "exploration of the mind through sounds and colors," the rapturous, genre-free aural atmosphere of Montreal-based Mont Duamel's debut single may seem familiar to some, with good reason. Formerly known as Billboard, Grammy-nominated producer Matthieu Jomphe, Lepine has spent the past year or so recalibrating artistic output, with "Find Myself" performing as the first taste of this exciting new venture.

Elucidating on the new direction in an email statement, he shares that, "My hope is, through the Mont Duamel journey, I can help all of you discover new emotions, experience nostalgia, uncover new sonic textures and visual elements, all while considering the “why?” in all of this.”

Slowly reintroducing you to his musical expanse, the introduction gently laps at your ears before it fully envelops them. Silky smooth chords unfurl to tenderly pulsate beneath the transcendent layered vocals, as the track navigates through different moods and energies with graceful ease.

Referring to "Find Myself" in the same email statement, he shares that "I wanted to explore the idea of starting a new relationship with someone. You have doubts and resistance but then you finally give in because it’s useless to fight the fact that this relationship is making you a better person, and as a result you find yourself in the process.”

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