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Singer/songwriter Caiola finds control on new single “Hydroplane”

Jordan Caiola, frontman for Philadelphia indie rock outfit Mo Lowda & the Humble, has shared his second single “Hydroplane.” The track is lifted off his from his forthcoming debut album, Only Real When Shared, under the name Caiola.

“Hydroplane” is a song that makes one contemplate their path in life. As the track journeys through jangly acoustic guitars, subtle drums, and rich melodies, listeners will undoubtedly feel its effects. “Hydroplane” is a leisure drift to an anthemic overflow as it explores sonic beauty and lyrical heftiness. The comforting ballad is brimming with stark intimacy and is the idyllic track for an indie film of the coming of age kind. Caiola’s youthful yet seasoned vocals feel deeply worn in like a baseball catcher’s mitt. It’s as if Caiola has seen many sights, heard many things along his personal voyages from one pit stop to the next and that raw experience is palpable on “Hydroplane.”

“Back in February, I lost control of my vehicle in the left lane of I-95 during one of the busiest times of the day. Somehow I was not struck by the multiple cars/tractor-trailers around me during those very helpless, very terrifying few moments and I was lucky enough to walk away unharmed,” said Caiola over email. Caiola went on to note that “the song came from the perspective I gained after having a close call like that… cherishing the small things a bit more and trying to use it as an opportunity to better myself.”

“Hydroplane” follows last month’s release of “Finders Keepers” and both tracks will be on Only Real When Shared due out on October 2nd. Aside from Caiola’s solo debut, Mo Lowda & the Humble had released Ready Coat earlier this year.

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