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Almondmilkhunni’s steamy new single, “damnboy” proves she is the next big thing in R&B [Video]

R&B-pop songstress, Almondmilkhunni’s latest release, “damnboy” delivers angelic vocals and comes along with a seductive music video featuring a guilty desert “on the run” aesthetic, a celebration of bisexuality, and the singer’s eye candy at the forefront.  The track not only has the quality production to be a mainstream hit, the video is an entertaining watch highlighting female sex appeal.

“Damnboy” has a modern sound with a classic R&B beat. Almondmilkhunni’s sultry voice perfectly hovers over the bass and rhythmic melody as she exudes a sultry confidence. The song is a strong feminist anthem as she sings, “I want a man to boss me up and pick my brain. We both got money, so our bank accounts the same.” While the lyrics describe a male counterpart, the video suggests a sexual encounter with Almondmilkhunni’s female accomplice. The interactions are not overly sexual, but more endearing and affectionate. The plot twist of a female romance is refreshing and well-executed.  

Almondmilkhunni has garnered attention and obtained a significant following from her previous releases like “Bandana” and “Cherry.” Capitalizing on her enticing voice and captivating swagger, “damnboy” is sure to become a standout mainstream single for the Latin artist. It is only a matter of time before she is a staple on top 40 playlists and radio stations.  

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