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Detroit's Filthiest returns to Philthtrax with 'Please Play Again' EP

Detroit’s Filthiest has returned to Philthtrax with a new vinyl-only, four-track EP of no-nonsense, high-energy beats and grooves. A legend in the world of electro, ghettotech and Detroit's underground, Please Play Again is every bit as good as we've come to expect.

Opener “Skrippers and Skrimps” kicks things off with choppy breaks, chuggy acid lines and floating melodies. A feel-good summer bop, it’s impossible to remain seated with this one playing — and it's only warming things up for the heat that’s still to come. “Groove Junkie” is high-octane, euphoric ghettotech at its finest. Nothing but happiness is channeled throughout this one. Airy synths are layered over pumping breaks to create pure rave elation. We’ll be dreaming of this one until we can hear it on the dancefloor. For a masterclass in explosive openings, look no further than “Most Expensivest". Bold, booming bass gives the initial moments a grittier sound before breaking into jubilant chords, whistling synths and just a splattering of bubbling, mechanical whirls; this is the sort of stuff people spend their days trying to hunt down.

The EP is rounded off with “No Mo Talk,” a short but sweet way to bring Please Play Again to a close. A gritty bassline filled with high-velocity breaks contrasts starkly with the main line — a woozy, winding concoction of melodies and harmonies. Though each element of the track sounds like it has been picked from something unrelated to the rest, they blend together to create a wicked hybrid of all the best sounds Detroit has to offer. A homage to Detroit’s roaring underground, Please Play Again couldn’t have been more aptly named; we want a rewind on all of those.

Please Play Again can be purchased from Juno Records.

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