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Monjola is looking to get to "Know You" on debut track

The Irish urban scene continues to bubble with new talent coming out of the melting pot every week. Monjola is next up to the plate to swing for the fence. 

Monjola may only be making his debut with this new track but he has become a well known name in the Irish scene long before this. He has been heavily involved in the business side of thew music industry, running his events company Cleavage Club and presents "The Cold Room" podcast as part of the Frosted platform. 

Having been involved with artists like Tebi Rex and R3D, it was only a matter of time before he found a way to release his own music. Now, having partnered with his younger brother and producer Moyo, the path is clear for Monjola to really make an impactful, emphatic statement in his debut. 

Do that he does. "Know You" is a soothing, melodic modern R&B cut. This track mixes both rapping and singing and Monjola flows seamlessly between these two realms. The sheer confidence in the delivery of both aspects of this record is unprecedented for a debut track. The ability on offer is unquestionable. The songwriting is some of the most potent and powerful takes on love, loss and connection. His ear for melody and cadence is a breath of fresh air to listen to and it feels very new which is very hard to come by nowadays. 

The production on "Know You" is another huge high point as well. The plucked string sample blended perfectly with the boom-bap drums is expertly crafted by Moyo. As well as clear sonic taste, he is very aware of how to create space for both melodic and rap vocals to sit in. These pockets create an interesting bounce that hooks the listener in and keeps your energy vibrating as the track progresses. 

All we know right now for Monjola's next moves is that he is a talent with huge potential and the chemistry between him and his producer brother is cause for excitement. Whatever is next, we at EARMILK are very much looking forward to it. 

Connect with Monjola: Twitter | Instagram 

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