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Daru Jones and Bobby J From Rockaway pay homage to Gang Starr on joint LP ‘One Mic & Drum’ 

In this fresh new in-studio performance, the gifted duo of Bobby J From Rockaway and Daru Jones deliver their stylish and unique homage to the classic Gang Starr track  “Take It Personal,” from their classic LP, Daily Operation.

Bobby J's rendition is a smooth fusion of the old and the new as he brings a personal spin with the bars alongside guest singer  Gabriela Riley’s smooth vocals on loop and Daru’s impeccable work on the drums. The live feel of the track sure gives it a unique punch as Bobby J's aggressive flow cut through the mix. The rapper is more than comfortable in his space when he spits "...You're more like Benny Hill, devoid of any thrill/Music takes me higher than opioids or any pill..."

In addition to watching how the track was recorded in this new set of visuals, you can hear it for yourself on the duo’s collaborative album, One Mic & Drum. It’s a concept album of sorts that itself harks back to the origins of hip-hop, which consisted of two turntables (DJ) and a microphone (emcee). But instead of a DJ looping drum breaks, Daru actually plays them live on the drums while Bobby J flexes his verbal muscles on the mic.

Check out the visuals which were shot, directed, and edited by Bobby J at Pinch Recording in Long Island City. You can also take some time to watch the mini-documentary or their collaborative album, One Mic & Drum, here

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