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Alex Porat will “never say ily again” in new track [Video]

Toronto-based pop artist Alex Porat is someone everyone will have to keep their eyes on as she’s rising quickly up the music scene. She’s on her way up to hitting a million monthly listeners on Spotify, releasing both her own music and covers. Today, though, she’s released her newest bubbly single, “never say ily again”.

This track differs from Porat’s other tracks like “happy for you” and “only hanging out cause i’m lonely” – slowed, soft, and dreamy. “never say ily again” carries a simple, yet springy rhythm.  Her lyrics suggest that she’s broken up about someone, but the lively production and delivery of the lyrics would convince us otherwise. The song is layered at moments with claps to almost make it sound like an anthem. Her compelling, flowing vocals and catchy chorus make it easy to sing along with her.

Porat commented on the song, "It felt like the right thing to pair this sad feeling with a fun upbeat song. I usually use humour to cope with pain and sadness so it felt very real the way the track is the opposite of what I’m trying to say.”

The coordinating music video has Porat singing through a fish-eye lens, giving off that 90s look that’s making a comeback. At the same time, that classic feel is contrasted with visuals of fluorescent primary colors and intense greenery.

Catch Alex Porat’s new single “never say ily again” out now.

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