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Kitty Coen touches on the infatuation of a first glance in her debut single, "Dark Soul" [Video]

Kitty Coen has been working on the mastering and the creative vision of her debut single, "Dark Soul", for over a year now. Coen’s debut release makes use of a colourful palette of instrumental sounds and an infectious beat to make a track slap on the dance floor.

The accompanying music video for "Dark Soul" delivers a disco cowgirl realness. Coen takes the viewer on a psychedelic trip through her mind while feeding the vices of her proverbial dark soul. 

Sonically, Coen's debut is a modern take on classic western aesthetics while incorporating disco and synth elements. Her strengths shine in this debut release right away as she sets the vibe with a slow, brooding build-up while incorporating the use of finely tuned acoustic guitars, handclaps, and instrumentals. Coen's overarching vocals make this a unique debut from a promising new artist.

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