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MOONBOOTICA connect with Andie Nora to "Say The Word" [Video]

Life as we we know is pushing our creativity in all kinds of new directions. Hamburg-based DJ and producer duo MOONBOOTICA have found recent events encouraging them to step out of their club-focused comfort zone to further explore the parameters of their ever-evolving sound. As they explain in an email statement, it was a "chance to focus on music that tells a slightly different story – not the club music narrative you might expect."

Returning with their third release of the year, they connect with NYC-based vocalist Andie Nora for a transformative blend of dance, hip-hop and left-of-centre pop flavours.

Nora's ethereal tones float high above the slow build of the sparse introductive production. Addressing the lyrics in the same email statement, she states that "'Say the Word' is about holding back words, when you're waiting for the other person to communicate how they feel." A grand, and bordering on regal horn section sweeps in to become the backbone of the track, propelled by a dynamic trap-leaning beat.
Speaking to the video, MOONBOOTICA state that "Say the Word tells a more differentiated story of life and love. As we are deeply connected with our home town of Hamburg, we want to show you a less common perspective of this city. Working with the “Hood of Saints” crew is a perfect match: they too stand 100% for Hamburg as it really is."

Connect with MOONBOOTICA: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

Connect with Andie Nora: Instagram | Spotify



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