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Front Country give their take on the “Amerikan Dream” in their infectious new single

Nashville Americana pop band Front Country, drop their exhilarating new single “Amerikan Dream.” A song about the ideology opposed to the reality of America and everything that it beholds, Front Country delve into all of the secrets and corruption that lies deep within. Featuring feverous guitars, descriptive lyrics which light e flame of imagination and palpitating percussion, the track comes to life resulting in the ultimate foot-stomping anthem. 

Singer Melody Walker shares in their press release, "From our racist colonial roots to our economically divided present, the “American Dream” has never really been accessible to all. Since it is a belief more than a fact, the first step in changing it is to dismantle the dogma within ourselves so we can be free to imagine a better country together."

Originating from San Francisco, the threesome have been building a dedicated following across the nation, describing their journey as a type of metamorphosis and a beautiful pursuit of self-discovery. "Amerikan Dream" is their first single off of the highly anticipated new full length Impossible World set for release early 2021. What’s clear is that whatever they are doing, they’re doing it well and we can’t get enough of it.

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