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Aidan Tulloch reminisces his Yorkshire youth in the cinematic EP "Somewhere Without Lights"

We all love to recall old memories with friends, especially those of our youth which often seem like a hazy, distant dream, some of which we may want to forget! British singer-songwriter Aidan Tulloch does just that in his latest EP Somewhere Without Lights. The five-track release is a stunning and sophisticated compilation of the 20-year-old’s distinct sound. An amalgamation of modern electronic, gritty indie rock and his signature classical violin, Tulloch provides something for everyone in Somewhere Without Lights.  

“Milk and Orange Juice” introduces the EP. A gloomy, almost menacing tone provides the backdrop for Tulloch’s deep, velvet vocals. The track suddenly explodes with electrifying synths, creating a unique fusion of the artist’s musical taste and showcasing his impressive musicality. 

“Goalposts” gives listeners an insight into his indie rock style, where his jangly guitars and infectious lyrics result in an anthemic track for the youth of today. 

Title-track “Somewhere Without Lights” elegantly brings the EP to a resolving conclusion. Tranquil piano melodies emit a sense of serenity, indulging all senses and transporting you to a place where you can relax both mind, body and soul. 

The EP marks a significant step in Tulloch’s career, with the songwriter hoping that his music may bring solace to the listener, however they may need it. Tulloch shares in his press release, “As a fan, I’ve noticed the beautiful effect that music can have on people in terms of euphoria, comfort, intensity, and depth. I’m at a stage now where I want to create that for other people. Sometimes everything just seems banal, stagnant, stuck, and I want to create musical and poetic environments to feel released from that.” 

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