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New Fries share frenzied new single "Lily" [Video]

When you want to find something that not just breaks but smashes the mould, indulge in the sounds of New Fries. Their frenetic sound of utilising repetition in full force has transformed into an experimental sound that doesn't adhere to conformity. Energetic yet powerfully hypnotic, the outfit's new track "Lily" is rhythmically post-industrial.

Despite lacking any transparent direction, it's unpredictability is enthralling. Closing in at a tense six minutes of pure harsh cuts and throbs, "Lily" is a clattering single of well-crafted noise. With cymbal teases, jangled guitar lines, and earthy bass rhythms, the track is an expressive example of channeling many energies into one space with precise intent. As a result of these impulses however, the single is a beautiful catastrophe of bold, enigmatic sounds. It's a crystal clear dive into three very clever and exuberant minds. Mind blown.

"Lily" is taken from the group's forthcoming album Is The Idea Of Us, released via Telephone Explosion on August 7th. 

Connect with New Fries: Spotify | Facebook


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