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Art Auré renews the spirit with her tender offering "Keep On" [Video]

Emerging singer-songwriter Art Auré pours her heart and wisdom into her new single “Keep On” – a poignantly tendered, acoustic-soul piece that is meant to encourage listeners during these affecting times.

Radiating poise and a sense of purpose in her performance, Auré undoubtedly draws power from a musical history suffused in folk and gospel as she provides us all some much-needed encouragement. Indeed, the classically trained singer who claims Chocolate City (also known as “Washington DC”) as her home has built a stirring ballad that could just as easily be the solo piece for a seasoned choir member as it could be for a young coffee house singer. The backing arrangement is made up of simple elements – a gently strumming guitar, mellowing finger snaps, and beautifully layered harmonies – that blossom into a subtle crescendo over the single’s relatively short runtime. And the accompanying video (directed by David K. Sommerville) gives the song even more potency as we lock eyes with Art in a darkened space and take in her message and beauty – straight no chaser.

Gripping and very touching, “Keep On” is a graceful bit of inspiration for those moments when the stresses of life leave you a little frayed at the edges.

You can listen to “Keep On” now, on all streaming services, via Its Art Entertaiment.

Connect with Art Auré: Facebook | Instagram | Official site | Spotify | Twitter

Acoustic R&B · R&B · Soul


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