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Whethan connects with K.Flay for gritty dance-rock crossover "Hurting on Purpose" [Video]

Thanks to his tireless release schedule and unabashed chameleonic production style, producer, DJ and Chicago-native Whethan has established himself as one of the most diverse talents in new music. Funnelling his broad tastes through adrenaline-pumping dance flavours, each release is exciting and often unpredictable, typified by his latest, "Hurting on Purpose."

With much of the singles teasing his forthcoming debut album focussing on the rockier shades of his style, who better to connect with than modern indie-pop-rock icon K.Flay.

A brief but high octane affair, a chugging bass guitar introduces the almost punk rock energy, which is brought into a tender balance by K.Flay's syrupy sweet lines that allude to lovesick, exasperated and bordering on self-destructive tendencies. A bright guitar passage ushers in a change of pace, only for it be completely flipped on its head by switching gears into a gritty trap-leaning drop that's sure to hit the sweet spot.

Yet another spectacular taste of his forthcoming album, keep your eyes peeled for FANTASY.

Connect with Whethan:  SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with K.Flay: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram



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