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BIIANCO possesses a strong self-assurance in “Put You In The Kitchen” visuals

Accomplished electro-pop artist BIIANCO has always had a passion for production. Seeing mainly men dominate this field, motivated her to take a seat in the production chair and execute her own visions as she intended them. Now BIIANCO and Chong the Nomad have teamed up to create the inspiring track “Put You In The Kitchen.” Both writers and producers on the song, it details the ascent to success in a primarily male industry.

The track’s vibrant, bold beats are the perfect backdrop for BIIANCO’s fierce yet angelic vocals. The kaleidoscopic video was filmed during quarantine with both artists shooting their parts separately. From the purple kitchen to the richly, red backyard, the painting-esque visuals showcase BIIANCO’s stylish queen aesthetic and boss-like air. With cake bashing, Cheetos and sparkled eggs, this assertively, unapologetic video is a truly unique viewing experience. BIIANCO reveals in her press release, “We wanted to show the world the art we’ve been cooking up while no one was watching (or expecting us) and that our recipe for it was really hard work and perseverance.”

Identifying as a queer female, Gabby Bianco aka BIIANCO inspires women to take charge and become their best selves. Attending a women’s only production retreat in Joshua Tree, she discovered an immense love for the profession. Having written, engineered and produced an entire EP, she’s a talented force that does it all. Formerly part of the indie-rock duo Smoke Season, she has evolved from intense, sultry sounds to a sassier persona. Check out the vivid visuals and confident poise of “Put You In The Kitchen” now. 

Connect with BIIANCO : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram   

Connect with Chong The Nomad : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 



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