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JYLDA returns with the foreboding "Impulse"

Stepping out of the proverbial shadows to invite us back into her darkly enchanting aural atmosphere, London-based dark pop nomad JYLDA returns with her second single of the year, "Impulse." 

Drawing a subtle parallel to Billie Eilish's sparsely produced dark pop aesthetic, much of the tracks focus is on amplifying the rousing, almost hypnotic qualities of her understated vocal performance. A reverb-soaked vocal riff prepares the palette for the ensuing journey through the many alluring shades of her polychromatic dark pop. Synthetic sounds and left-of-centre samples leap out of the mix, adding to the mildly unsettling, but all the more compelling arrangement and providing the perfect vehicle for her voice to burrow deep into the back of your mind.

Speaking to the track in a statement, JYLDA says, "The song is about a dark romance, full of poisonous adventure. A cruel childish game; wild, masterful distraction with no direction. Fascinating and daunting at the same time. The motor of it is the unsolvable riddle: What’s behind the other person’s actions? What is their impulse?"

With previous single "Jeopardy" not long in the rearview mirror, a full project can't be far away so keep an eye out for more from JYLDA over the coming months.

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